About Eco-House Fine Art Supplies

Traditional Natural Ingredients are Less of a Health Risk

Fine Art SuppliesTraditionally fine oil painting mediums were made strictly from natural ingredients. They are not harmless by nature, but we know them long enough to distinguish the harmless from the dangerous materials. Typical health-hazards in traditional painting mediums were overly aggressive solvents and highly toxic heavy metals in driers and pigments.

Many of the traditional preparations and techniques have provided such excellent results and archival quality, that they are worthwhile to be developed further by eliminating or notably reducing the hazards.

In our view, the ideal safety standards for art materials should be similar to those in the food industry, i.e. new ingredients are to be considered unsafe until their long-term health safety and archival quality are proven safe. Traditional painting mediums have passed these century-old tests.

Many of the water-thinable oil paints contain artificial surfactants with unknown long-term properties on the artist’s health and the archival quality of a painting. Many of these ingredients may have a low acute toxicity, but can accumulate in the body after entering via skin absorption instead of inhalation, which makes them less detectable as a health problem.

The Difference is your Well-being

For an artist, who is exposed to the effects of manufactured art materials every day, it is very important to know what their ingredients are. Therefore …. ECO-HOUSE Inc. provides a full declaration of all ingredients on every product label.

Since not all solvents are suitable for every task, we have created a Solvent System with 3 products of gradual strength.  Using these low-toxicity solvents and high-grade raw materials we create wonderful to use archival quality mediums for artists.