About Us


Founded in 1988 by Henry J. Reinartz, Eco-House got its start importing and distributing natural, non-toxic paints and wood stains from Europe. Not long after its founding, schools began reaching out to Henry looking for safer solvent and medium alternatives than the current products in the market. Henry knew what they wanted and developed a product line that was natural and low/non-toxic products. Universities and Art Colleges becoming early adopters of these products. Word got out and retail locations started putting these safer alternatives on their shelves.

The Eco-House product line grew to include a natural and low-VOC wood finishes created for many uses including timber frame construction, floor finishing, wood working, cutting boards, countertops and more. Many professional woodworkers and craftspeople remain loyal to the natural wood finishes that work so well and are safe.


In early 2021, wanting to retire, Henry sold the Eco-House product line to Superior Flux & Manufacturing in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Founded in 1932, Superior Flux has a rich history and excellent reputation for customer service with 89 years of experience developing and manufacturing quality flux products. Superior Flux customers include stain glass artists so adding Eco-House to the product line was a natural addition.

Eco-House customers have called and emailed with questions and concerns about the continuation of the Eco-House product line. Our health-conscious customers will continue to find these environmentally responsible solvents, mediums, damars and wood finishes in retailers across North America. The product labels will look different, but the same great products will be inside.


The Eco-House mission and passion of safety and minimal environmental impact remains paramount in our vision going forward. New products will be added and will continue to be made with renewable or abundantly available natural raw materials. All products will continue to offer the highest technical and Health Safety Standards.

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