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Henry Reinartz

Henry J. Reinartz

Eco-House Inc. was founded in 1988 by its President Henry J. Reinartz, Dipl.-Ing. The company’s initial business was the import and distribution of natural and non-toxic paints and wood stains from Europe. In 1997, Eco-House Inc began to manufacture a few low-toxicity solvents for the art supplies market, supplying mainly Universities and Art Colleges, who were looking for safer alternatives.

Since that time, Eco-House has expanded its low-toxicity and non-toxic art supply line with many fine oil painting supplies alternatives, which are appreciated by many artists and art schools for their safety and distributed through a few major wholesalers and hundreds of retail stores across North America.

We have also created a quality line of traditional, natural and low-VOC wood finishes available for a range of uses, such as timber frame construction, floor finishing, interior architectural wood work, cutting boards and counter-tops, furniture and more.

The red line through all these products is the Company Mission: to design and manufacture chemical products with minimal environmental impact, using renewable or abundantly available natural raw materials, while offering the highest technical and Health Safety Standards for our customers.

In 2003 Eco-House Inc also began to develop its Inorganic Mineral Paint line, a specialty paint line for concrete, stucco, masonry and artistic mural painting.
This line comprises now Exterior House Paints, Interior Wall Paints, Exterior Stains for the restoration of natural stone surfaces, water-proofing treatments, silicate primers and much more to come. This line has since sold to Permatint Ltd. and is available through them.